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Grams to Moles Calculator

With this grams to moles calculator, you can swiftly find how to calculate moles to grams for any substance.

Common Gases and Liquids
Water (H₂O)
Grams to moles converter

How to use g to mol calculator?

The tool is really user friendly, and pretty straightforward to use:

  1. Pick one of the possible groups of compounds (you can choose one from Common Gases and Liquids, Salts, Acids, Alkali, Organic, or Pure Metals).

  2. Find the chemical of your desire from the second list. You can also enter any custom value for molar mass.

  3. Input the mass of your substance.

  4. ...And that's all! Our grams to moles calculator knows how to do its stuff!

  5. You can also find the total number of molecules (or atoms) in the Advanced mode.