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Acreage Calculator

Acreage Calculator is a free online tool from the Tools City website. It is specifically designed for ascertaining the measurement of land just by length and width in any unit whether metric or imperial.


What is Acreage Calculator?

The acreage calculator is a free online tool from Tools City. This tool is used to calculate the area of land in acres with the given length and width.

This tool also lends a hand in converting between the imperial and the metric system’s unit for the area such as inch, feet, yard, miles Etc,  within seconds. It can save us from complex manual calculations; thus, automatically, it saves our time.

How does Acreage Calculator Works?

Tools City's Acreage Calculator is very easy to use. The usage of this calculator is the most straightforward approach to estimate the number of acres in the land.

First, input the length of the land, then the width of the land whose measurement is to figure out. This tool will extract accurate results, will enable you to attain efficient results expeditiously by providing the number of acres and other area units.

For your reference, see the below table.

1 acre is equal to:

Unit of Measure Amount Equaling 1 Acre
Hectares .4047 hectares
Meters 4047 m²
Miles 0.0015625 miles² (640 acres = 1 mile²)
Yards 4,840 yds²
Square Feet 43,560 ft²
Square Inches 6,272,640 in²

In addition to this, it is also productive in giving perimeter. When you already know the measurement of land in acres but want the area in other units,

Acreage calculator may also estimate acreage rapidly based on the length and breadth indicated in

  • Millimeter
  • Centimeter
  • Meter
  • Kilometers
  • Inch
  • Feet
  • Yards
  • Miles
  • Nautical Miles

How to use Acreage Calculator?

Tools City's Acreage Calculator tool is used in two easy steps and will provide the desired measurements after following them:

1. Width

Choose the unit in which you have measured the width and then write the width.

2. Length

Choose the unit in which you have measured the length, and then write the length.

After fulfilling these requirements, the results will be obtained in the Area Section.