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Electricity Cost Calculator

Tools City provides a free electricity cost calculator to estimate/determine/guess the power consumption of electricity and its electricity costs. Depending on electricity and appliance requirements with the help of Power Consumption, Energy Price, and Usage Time.

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Have you ever noticed yourself when you get a high electricity bill? It is because you know you can not control the electricity cost, right? We are all fed up with high electricity costs, and it is not a cup of tea to determine or guess daily, monthly, and yearly electricity costs or bills. But Tools city has made it possible for you to control your electricity cost. Tools city has provided a very easy tool, named electricity cost calculator. The electricity cost calculator makes it simple for electricity consumers to determine their yearly electricity costs. It's reasonable to question how much power costs after paying your monthly bills for a time.

By inputting a few parameters into our electricity calculator, you will save time and effort. You will be receiving an accurate and timely response to your inquiry. With the help of this tool, you can also calculate how you can save money by avoiding the unnecessary usage of any particular home appliance or electronic gadget.

How does Tools City's Electricity Cost Calculator work?

Before you know how the electricity cost calculator works, you will require to see the value for power consumption, energy price, and usage time. So that it will be easy for you to determine how much energy each of your appliances and electronic gadgets uses to estimate your electricity cost or bill.

By inserting these values into Tools city's electricity cost calculator, you will get to know the amount of power you consume per day on the display and also how much you generate the exact annual or monthly price for electricity. However, the units of the power can be changed if needed.

How to calculate electricity cost?

For calculating the electricity cost, you must know the below values, and it is mandatory for you to fill them in the calculator. 

  • Power Consumption
  • Energy Price
  • Usage Time

To make it more convenient for you to understand this option, we can take an example here by supposing these values and calculating the cost of the electricity.

Let us suppose:

You have a Consumption Power of 1000 Watts annually.

The Energy Price in your regional country is $1.2/kWh

Usage Time used in the entire year is 5 hours per day

By inserting these assumed values, you will have the result of Power Consumed = 152.25 kWh/per month and a Cost of $2191.5/per year.

We can also do the math manually. Let us take the above-mentioned example:

1. For finding Power Consumed per day:

Power Consumption × Energy Price = Cost per day
5 kWh × $1.2 = $6 per day

2. The electricity cost can be determined:

Power Consumed × Energy Price = Cost per day
5 kWh × $1.2 = $6 per day

3. Now for the Annual Cost:

Cost Per Day × No. of Days = Annual Cost
$6 × 365.25 days = $2191.5

Now you can easily save the electricity cost while having the consciousness of the price per quantity of all the appliances and electronic gadgets that are being used in your home.