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Annual Income Calculator

The word "Annual" means yearly, and the word "income" means the money received or the money earned. So, the annual income calculator is used to figure out the amount of money obtained during one year. You can easily calculate your or anyone's annual income with Tools City's Annual Income Calculator in this way:

Net salary

You might have planned for your future financially, and to do that, you would like to determine your earnings in the whole year quickly. For this purpose, you can use Tools City's annual income calculator. You can also calculate the hourly rate if you do not know. That may be helpful when looking through job offers.

If your brain is confused with questions like "What is an annual income?" or "What is the best way to figure out an annual income?" You can go through this article to figure out all the answers to these confusing questions. Additionally, this article will let you know the use of the annual income calculator and the methods to calculate annual income if you are unable to use Tools City's Annual Income Calculator tool right away. Also, you will know a lot about gross and net yearly income. Depending on your requirements, the Tools City's Annual Income calculator can be beneficial for you to determine annual net income or a gross annual income.

Once you have figured out your yearly earnings, you can plan by considering your budget, looking into your savings, and considering early retirement.

What does "annual income" mean? 

The word “Annual" means yearly, and the word "income" means the money received or the money earned. So, annual income is considered as the amount of money obtained during one year.

How to calculate annual income by hand?

Calculating Annual Income by yourself manually is also not rocket science; you can calculate annual income quite easily by following the steps written below: The formula which you will use for the annual income is:

Annual Income = hourly wage x hours per week x weeks per year

If you desire to calculate it without using the annual income calculator, substitute your values into the above formula. If you are still confused about finding annual income or enthusiastic to know more about it, these are the following examples. Once you go through them, your mind will be clear about this topic.

If a person is working 35 hours per week and he gets 30 USD for one hour, what will be his annual salary?


Hours per week = 35

Hourly wage = 30 USD

Weeks per year = 52


Annual Income = hourly wage x hours per week x weeks per year

Annual Income = 30 x 35 x 52

Annual Income = 54,600 USD.

So the Annual Income of the person is USD 54,600.

What is the gross annual income?

"Gross" signifies the sum before applying taxes. What you get in your bank account is net income. We will let you know about net income after completing this section.

Gross annual income is basically how much cash your chief or head spent on you in the whole year.

Gross annual income calculator

Gross income is cash before the deduction of taxes. You can peruse more regarding it in the gross to the net calculator.

The initial four boxes fill in as a gross annual income calculator. Enter the gross hourly wage in the first field of this yearly salary calculator to calculate yearly gross income. The outcome in the fourth box 

What is the net annual income?

"Net" signifies how much cash is left after applying taxes. The annual net income is the yearly sum you got after the deduction of taxes.

Annual net income calculator

A truckload of money from your pay goes to a pension savings record, insurance, and different taxes, contingent upon the strategies of the public authority in your country. The net income is the cash left after the deduction of taxes.

There are fundamentally two different ways where you can ascertain your yearly net income:

One is to set the net hourly rate in the net hourly wager; or

Put the upsides of either your gross hourly wage into the initial box or your gross annual income into the fourth box. Enter the tax rate for net income and gross income from that point forward.

Keep in mind to adjust the first two boxes of the calculator as required. The annual net income calculator will show the outcome in the last box.

How to use the annual income calculator?

You can easily calculate your or anyone's annual income with Tools City's Annual Income Calculator in this way:

Enter the money you earn per hour in the hourly wage box in the first portion - 

In the second field, enter the hours you work in one week. In this box, by default value for an hourly wage is 40 hours for full time. Whatever the time is, please put it to that number accordingly. 

A year usually has 52 weeks; it rarely happens to have 53 weeks. Some workplaces do not pay for holidays. If you get paid for off days and work the entire year-round, leave the default value which is 52 in the box of the yearly income calculator. Otherwise, enter the number of weeks for which you get paid across the entire year.

Well, I think this is enough to let you know about the use of this astonishing calculator.

What are the other ways to use the yearly salary calculator?

The annual income calculator's primary purpose is to assist you in finding your yearly salary. However, you can also calculate other variables depending on which values you input first.

If you want to calculate the hourly wage:

Reset the yearly income calculator first. 

Then put value in the last box of the annual salary calculator first.

Set the working hours and weeks as required.

You will now see the hourly wage in the first box of the annual income calculator.

If you want to calculate working hours per week, you will have to earn a specific amount of money per year for that you will surely have to work:

Reset the calculator.

Put the number of weeks you have worked in one year.

Write your annual income along with the hourly wage.