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Reverse Image Search

Tools City provides you with the best Reverse Image Search tool to find sources of photos by uploading a photo, writing a URL, or typing the keywords. It uses the technique of Content-Based Image Retrieval for finding related digital images.

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What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse Image Search retrieves different kinds of images through the information provided in the form of URL, Image, or a Keyword. It uses the technique of CBIR (Content-Based Image Retrieval) for finding related digital images.

In the vast ocean of trillions of photos available around the digital world, Reverse Image Search is very productive in getting accurate information about your desired picture. It has also proved its services helpful in finding different sizes and cropped thumbnails of your requisite image.

How Reverse Search Image Works?

You can retrieve the results of different pictures relating to your provided information by uploading an image or pasting a URL or Keyword on the search engine. The result you retrieve using this feature commonly depends upon the popularity of the image, its relevancy, and the derivation of works.

With the use of Reverse Image Search, you can not only retrieve similar images but can also acquire the image’s source, its link, and the photographer or artist who has captured the photo.

What is the use of the Reverse Search Image?

Reverse Image Search is used for many things; many people use it for many different reasons such as:

1. Identifying different objects in the image

You can discover different objects within the image with the help of a Reverse Image Search. These objects could be the location, person, animal, or products, etcetera; you can discover these different features within the image with the help of a Reverse Search Image.

2. Similar images visually

It can be helpful for you to find similar images visually around the entire world, which allows you to conduct a thorough probe into the visuals of the image and learn about the characteristics of its various aspects.

3. Finding the original owner of the Image

Given the repetitive case related to a picture accessible on the web, it couldn't be possible to get to know the genuine proprietor of the photograph that you are going to utilize or distribute.

With the help of Reverse Image Search, you can easily find out the Image's original publisher.

4. Uncovering Plagiarized image

Reverse Search Image is also used to explore your own designed image on the internet and point out the cyber thieves using your artwork without giving you credit. Later, you can take action against them legally.

5. Dredging out fake accounts

If you have ever faced any person on social media account using your fake images or any person in the digital world who is using your photo to attain unsaid motives and subject your fame to misrepresenting. 

In this regard, a Reverse Search image can be beneficial for defending your reputation and personal identity.

What is the Best website for Reverse Image Search?

You can find hundreds of websites on the internet for Reverse Image Search, but only a few reliable websites provide accurate results. 

The top three of the best websites out of those are:

  • Tools City
  • Google
  • Yandex

Is Tools City reliable for Reverse Image Search?

Yes, Tools city is a reliable source for Reverse Image Search. Tools City has gained popularity in providing a range of results in Reverse Image Search. Apart from this versatility, Tools City is best known for providing precise and accurate outcomes, saving time for its users, contributing to its high achieving fame.

Which device should I have to use for Reverse Image Search from Tools City?  

Tools City is not limited to any device and has an abundance of device choices, making it capable of providing its users with a more convenient and versatile interface.

You can use this option of Tools City from any device, i.e., Android, Mac, IOs, Linux, and Windows.

How can I use Tools City for Reverse Image Search?

You can use Tools City for Reverse Image Search as the display of Tools City is more user-oriented. Tools City has introduced three options.

  • By Uploading Image
  • By writing or copying the URL
  • By writing Keywords

1. By Uploading Image

If you already possess the image you want to use in Reverse Image Search, you can utilize the option of Reverse Image Search by uploading the photo.


Click on “Choose a file.”

A dialogue will pop up from where you can choose an image from which you want to retrieve results

Click on Search Similar Images

Finally, the results will appear below

2. By writing or copying the URL

If you do not hold a picture, you want to obtain results but wish to search on it for different reasons like you want to know about the original creator or owner of the photograph may belong to you, then this option can be helpful to you.


Copy the link or write the link you want to search

Paste the link on Search By URL

Click on Search Similar Image

Finally, the results will appear below

3. By writing Keywords

Suppose you neither have the image you want to Reverse Image Search nor have its URL but only a keyword relating to it is in your mind. Then this option is beneficial for you, and you can utilize this option for searching by keywords.


Type the keyword on the option showing ‘Search by Keyword’

Click on Search Similar Image

Results will appear below

Will Tools City Use my Image in the future?

Tools City is keen to keep its user’s privacy and identity safe with it. It deletes the uploaded images for search purposes after 30 minutes. Therefore, the images you shared with Tools City are entirely safe and secure.