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Midpoint Calculator

Tools City's midpoint calculator will take two coordinates in the Cartesian coordinate system: XY, XZ, or YZ. It is used to find the point directly in-between both of the coordinates. This point is often helpful in the field of geometry.

First point coordinates
Second point coordinates

The midpoint shares the line connecting these two places into two halves.

Moreover, if a line is drawn to split the line combining these two places, the line crosses through the midpoint.

Midpoint is very useful in the field of geometry.

Our team here at Tools City has succeeded in providing you the complete detail of what midpoint is and how you can find the midpoint with the help of this tool or solving it manually by formula.

How can I use the Midpoint Calculator tool?

You have to follow these few steps so that you can quickly find the midpoint.

  • Enter the values of ‘First Point Coordinates’ (X1, Y1)
  • Enter the values of ‘Second Point Coordinates’ (X2, Y2)
  • The tool will then display results in the ‘Midpoint’ dialogue box.

To clear the results and entries so that you can put other values, you can click on ‘Reset.’

What is a Midpoint?

In the field of geometry, a midpoint is defined as "a point in the center of a line connecting two other points."

It accepts only two coordinates in the Cartesian coordinate system and directly locates the point in between those two coordinates.

If a line is sketched to connect the two points, the midpoint is located inside the center of this line, having an equal distance from the two points.

What is the formula used to figure out the Midpoint?

The midpoint formula is practiced so that you can determine the midpoint between two places (X1, Y1) & (X2, Y2) whose coordinates are known. If we know the coordinates of the midpoint and other endpoints, we can easily apply the midpoint formula to acquire the coordinates of other required endpoints.

M = (X1 + X2) / 2 , (Y1 + Y2) / 2


Suppose, you have coordinates for the first points that are X1 = 5 and Y1 = 8 and the coordinates for the second point are X2 = 6 and Y2 = 9. Find the midpoints of the line in-between.

The formula we have:

M = (X1 + X2) / 2 , (Y1 + Y2) / 2

By substituting the values in the formula above, we have

M = (5 + 6)/2 , (8 + 9)/2

M = (5.5,8.5)