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Percentage Increase Calculator

Tools City's Percentage Increase Calculator is used to find the increase from one value to another in terms of a percentage. We all want to know the profit or the growth in any of our parameters like salary. Therefore, this tool is productive in analyzing those values.


When analyzing the time periods, calculating growth percentage that can be yearly, monthly, daily, etc., or comparing a new state to an old form of things, such as a new wage or hourly rate to your prior one, percent increase is a valuable item to estimate.

What do you mean by the Percentage Increase Calculator?

Tools City's Percentage Increase Calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate the increase in any percentage from low to high. The term "percentage increase" refers to the degree of growth in a quantity over a given period of time.

What is the best tool online for Percentage Increase Calculator?

Tools City's Percentage increase calculator allows you to have the exact amount while determining the growth in your income. This calculator also indicates whether you have earned a profit or sustained loss in the span of your working time.

This calculator can be helpful when determining the value of a pay raise or determining how much an item will cost in a sale.

How do you use this tool?

To use Tools City's Percentage increase calculator online free tool you have to follow the steps written below:

  • Go to the Tools City online Percentage Increase Calculator.
  • Enter the values into the dialogue boxes. The value will be an initial and final value.
  • The tool will finally display results.
  • To reuse the tool click on "Reset “and enter new values.

What is the working principle for the Percentage Increase Calculator?

The percentage increase of any quantity is the degree of growth or decline. If the percentage change is in a positive direction, the amount has done a growth over time.

A negative percent change form, on the other hand, indicates that the amount has dropped. We may determine the percentage increase by following the steps written below:

Step-1: You will subtract the initial value from the final value.

Step-2: Then you will divide the result from the first step by the initial value of the quantity.

Step-3: In order to obtain the value in percentages, you must multiply the value by 100.

The above steps can also be written in mathematical form, the mathematical formula is as follows:

Percentage Increase = (Final Value - Initial Value)/Initial Value × 100


The production of wheat crops increases from 350 tons to 550 tons. Calculate the percentage increase in production of wheat crops and verify it using the percentage increase calculator.


Initial Value = 350 tons

Final Value = 550 tons

Percentage Increase = (Final Value - Initial Value)/Initial Value × 100

P.I. = (550 - 350)/350 × 100

= 200/350 × 100

= 4/7 × 100 = 57.14%

Therefore, the production of wheat crops increased by 57.14%.

Also, to find the difference in between, we will simply

Difference = Final Value – Initial Value

D = 500 – 340 = 160