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Fully customizable Ballot

Steps to use online lottery/lottery tool:

  • Enter a name for the sweepstakes.
  • Enter the item and prize amount, the format requirement is: "prize name, prize amount", you need to pay attention to the space between the comma and the prize amount. If you just need to draw lots, or if they all go to the same lottery item, you can enter the number directly and the system will automatically draw the defined number of times.
  • Type the name of a lottery drawer on each line, and the cell phone number and email address can be added in the space. Or you can also directly click "Generate Draw Number Sequence", enter the total number of drawers and quickly list the lottery numbers, then quickly complete the lottery preparation work with the lottery cards you made .
  • Then click the "Giveaway" button and the lottery/lottery results will appear below.
  • Click "Download lottery results" to save the lottery results to your desktop as a TXT file.
  • Press "Reset" to start a new lottery setup.