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Tools City's Counter tool provides the best free online counter you can use to count up or count down in numbers. You can also pause or start your counting whenever you want. In addition, you can also add multiple counters for different tasks.



What do you mean by a digital counter?

A digital counter is a digital logic and computing apparatus that holds and displays the number of times a specific event or manner has occurred.

A counter is typically a sequential circuit. The most common counter is a sequential digital logic circuit with a clock input line and several output channels.

How does counter work?

A counter is a digital device whose output carries a preset state relying on clock pulse applications. The output of the counter is used to count the number of pulses. In general, a counter circuit consists of a series of flip-flops that might be connected in series.

What is the use of counter?

Counters are essential components in digital circuits, and they are available as standalone integrated circuits and components of larger integrated circuits.

Counters are specially used in the field of digital electronics for counting; they may count selective events in the circuit.

Not only counting, but it can also develop a definite sequence depending on our design, such as any random sequence 0,3,1,2.

Counters are used not just to count but also to measure the frequencies and the time. Even Counters can increase memory addresses.

It is relevant to discuss here that the fundamental functionality of the counter cannot be framed into boundaries. One can use it for countless different reasons which are most suitable. 

What are the types of digital counters?

Generally, there are two types of digital counter that are mostly used.

  • Asynchronous Counters
  • Synchronous Counters

What is the best online counter?

Tools City's team has done their best to provide you with a counter that is not uncommon and latest but also meets your expectations of performing the abundance of tasks and handling your work efficiently.

Why choose Tools City counter?

Tools City's online free digital Counter is the only Counter available on the entire world wide web that can assist you with multiple counters on one screen. Therefore, you can count various things with the help of other counters without confusing yourself.

Not only this majority of the counters available online expect you to refresh the whole page whenever you need to reset the counter. But, with this free Online Digital Counter, you can reset the counter without refreshing the entire page.

How to use Tools City online counter?

1. For Addition & Subtraction

Click on the positive (+) sign to add the numbers to your counter.

Click on the negative (-) sign to subtract the numbers from your counter.

2. For adding another Counter

To add another counter, click on ‘Counter List’ on the upper left side of the dialogue box. After that, a button ‘Add Counter’ will appear on the lower left side of the dialogue box. Click on ‘Add Counter' and a new counter will be added.

3. For Deleting Counter

You can add as many counters as you want. To delete a counter click on the Cross (×) sign available on the right side in the dialogue box. After clicking, the counter will be deleted.

4. For Giving Name to a Counter

You can give any name to your counter to avoid any kind of confusion. To do that simply click on the default counter name and it will provide you the option to edit. There, you can edit your desired text to save or remind what you are counting.