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You will be able to generate free online QR (Quick Response) Code for URL, Vcard, Wifi, Email, SMS, and Text with Tools City. Instructions for different QR codes such as QR Code for URL, Vcard, Wifi, Email, SMS, and Text are given accordingly.


What is QR (Quick Response) Code?

A QR (Quick Response) Code is a sort of a matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode that contains data as a series of pixels in a square-shaped grid. Not at all like regular barcode readers like POS (point-of-sale), these QR codes are simpler to read and do not need a particular angle to scan. Its fast ability and ease of handling also distinguish it from other barcodes.  


What is the History of QR Code?

This QR Code framework was concocted in 1994 by a Japanese Company named Denso Wave, enlivened by the high contrast pieces on GO Board (a famous Japanese Game). It was essentially designed for tracking vehicles during manufacturing. Notwithstanding, its user-oriented property gained its headway quickly.


Are QR Codes still relevant?

QR Codes have taken over digital marketing in these few years. If you intend to enter the vast ocean of the digital market, then QR Codes are compulsory for you.

Many countries are using QR Codes for different things like filtering visitors at checkpoints, delivering takeaway foods, accessing WiFi networks to provide video tutorials, and giving a description of online shopping links and other services.

As per a report, China and Japan only, in 2016, have conducted transactions of 1.65 trillion dollars via QR Codes, which is five years from now. 


Why do you use QR codes?

Often, you may have faced the difficulty of being in a remote area or could not have memorized the whole web link. That is the thing where QR Codes are productive for you. From your smartphone, you can open the web link promptly just by scanning the QR Code, which you can download in your smartphone's gallery or can even take a print of it.


These QR Codes can be very productive to provide you contactless deliveries, payments, and easy access.


What is the best QR Code Generator Website?

The best QR Code Generating website can be very productive for generating quick and errorless codes. In this regard, Tools City is one of the best online tools to support you to gain traction in your daily life routine. Its easy access shows its credibility in providing a user-friendly interface.


The easy access of this tool and how to use it is discussed below:


If you are tired of interacting with outcast ads and providing your information to ad companies by mistake, then QR codes can be very productive for you in this regard. 


You can quickly generate a QR Code for your website. All you have to do is go to Tools City's website and click on the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) option at the extreme left. In the option below, there will be an empty tab where you will write the desired URL of which you want to generate a QR Code.
After adding the URL, there will be a 'QR Code Size' option ranging from 100×100 to 400×400; choose as per your requirement. After selecting the required size, you can choose the option 'Density Level,' wherein you can find the choice of Low, Medium, High, and Quartile.
After fulfilling these requirements click on download, and at the very instant QR Code will be generated. You can download it or can also take out its print.


To avoid banks' hidden charges and be a part of technological advancement, people have already started using vCards. The primary advantage of these cards is that they can be scanned by any QR Code reader and saved on any device.
Apple, Google, Microsoft, and even Outlook use vCard's; these cards can also be helpful while providing Google map directions and social media links for promoting your business online.


To generate a QR Code for your vCard option, click on the VCARD option. After that, you can provide your data and information like name, email, number, and mailing address. Subsequently, you can change the QR Code Size and its Density Level. When you have fulfilled all that requirements, you can click on download. Finally, you will be able to create a QR code.


If you want your text to be confidential or private, or if you're going to secure some information for yourself and share it only with your desired person, you can use this option.
One of the best features of these codes is that they do not require internet altogether, as long as the user's phone can scan QR Codes.


By selecting the text option, QR Code will generate and write your text on the given box. After that, you can change QR Code Size and Density Level if you want to. Click on download, and then it will automatically generate QR Code.


QR Codes for email plays an important role when we talk about sharing information. Creating a QR Code for email can be helpful concerning adding a large amount of data into a minimal space and sending it to the concerned person’s email.

Select the EMAIL option and write the receiver’s email, subject, and the text you want to send. Click on download, and then it will automatically generate a QR Code.


QR Codes for texts have their perks; people love to review products or services these codes and use them to verify something on the internet.


To generate a QR Code for SMS, click on the SMS option, then write the receiver's contact number and SMS you want to send. After that, click on download, and a QR Code is generated.


QR Codes for wifi have their significance. Look at it this way, and you cannot create a short password for your wifi in consideration of its hacking. Meanwhile, you also cannot remember the lengthy password that you have assigned. That is where QR Code for wifi comes.


For generating this QR Code, open Tools City, enter Service Set Identifier (SSID), write password, encryption type, and click on download.